The LTL advantage

Among the many acronyms you might hear in a conversation between logistics professionals, LTL has to be one of the most common. LTL stands for “less than load,” which, as the term suggests, refers to shipments that require less than a full truckload to be completed.

If your shipment is palletized and ranges between 150 and 10,000 pounds, LTL freight could mean significant savings in time, money, and headaches. Here’s why:

You pay just for the space you use

It might sound obvious, but not having to hire an entire truck saves you money. With LTL shipping, the carrier consolidates cargo from multiple shippers in a single container. Each shipper then pays a fraction of the total shipping cost.

Fewer steps along the way

LTL generally means fewer logistics to manage than FTL shipments. This ultimately means that your shipment can get to its final destination faster.

No waiting until you have a full truckload

If you can send smaller shipments individually, there’s no need to wait for them to add up just so you can justify shipping an entire container. LTL gives you increased flexibility and quicker turnarounds. You also don’t have to waste money by shipping entire containers that aren’t quite full just to get your shipment out.

Security and peace of mind

When you rely on reputable 3PL providers for your LTL shipments, you can take advantage of their range of services and capabilities to make sure your shipment gets to its destination safely.

Fewer emissions

LTL is better for the environment. By allowing shippers to pool together, LTL shipping means less trucks on the road, which leads to fewer emissions.

Technology makes entire process easier and more efficient than ever

Startups such as Miami-based Quickload are reinventing the way LTL shipping works by using technology to make the logistics process smoother and more transparent. Quickload connects shippers with nearby carriers who have available space in their trucks. The app allows shippers to set their own price and have their loads ready to be picked up in a matter of minutes. Quickload takes care of all the effort and paperwork necessary for maintaining a trusted network of carriers and guaranteeing the time of your delivery.

Bottom line, if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business that isn’t shipping huge amounts of cargo, LTL shipping makes sense. Along with a trusted 3PL provider, LTL shipping logistics can help make your business more agile and efficient.

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