About QuickLoad

QuickLoad is an online platform that connects shippers to carriers. Founded in 2016 by Ozan Baran, QuickLoad aims to help shippers get their goods delivered quickly and truckers eliminate empty miles via an intuitive desktop platform and mobile app. A win-win scenario. As of 2020, QuickLoad has also started offering storage and transloading services to meet all the shipping needs in the best possible way.

What are the advantages for Shippers?
✔ An online freight platform that allows to move freight faster.
✔ Get Drayage, LTL, FTL and Transload rates in seconds.
✔ Delivery guaranteed with a large network of trusted carriers across the US.
✔ Easy Booking. Book your shipment instantly.
✔ Competitive confirmed rates with no surprises.
✔ Select our suggested rate to get a trusted carrier within minutes.
✔ Warehousing services at its best, including storage and transloading.
✔ Transparency comes first. There is no monthly fee or hidden costs.
✔ Never babysit another shipment. You will always know where your shipments are.
✔ Instant and digital invoicing.
✔ 24/7 multilingual customer support in English, Spanish, and Turkish.

What are the advantages for Carriers?
An online freight platform that allows to find the loads they want to move.
✔ Instant payment, with no factoring fees.
✔ Pick the loads you want to haul (Container, LTL, or FTL).
✔ See your load price upfront. No surprises.
✔ Less paperwork. No hassle.
✔ User-friendly mobile app to keep track of your loads.

Visit us at https://www.quickload.com to discover more.