How small errors can cost you lots of money and how to avoid them

Making errors is unfortunately too often the name of the game in shipping logistics. There are so many moving parts in a shipping supply chain, that even the slightest mistake can snowball into costly delays and blunders.

Luckily, technology has changed logistics for the better in this regard. New tools, applications, and services help minimize errors and mistakes that will ultimately make your shipping logistics more efficient and less costly.

To learn how new technology can help you waste less time and money due to mistakes, it’s important to know how they happen in the first place:

There’s just too many opportunities to make mistakes

Think of all the data and communication touchpoints in your logistics supply chain. You enter numbers in a spreadsheet, you write email messages, you make phone calls. Manual data entry and communication are multi-step processes prone to error. And you might think a simple data entry error might be meaningless in the big picture, but in logistics even the smallest error can have big consequences on the rest of the supply chain. Your shipment might be delayed or it might get delivered to the wrong address: the odds of wasting time and money are very high indeed.

Outdated technology can hurt you in the long run

You might feel comfortable with the technology you have and might think new technology is costly. But think about the productivity you’re sacrificing by running your business with outdated tools. For example, relying on old tracking tools can lead you to make uninformed decisions that can cost you in the long run.

The technology alternative

New technology doesn’t mean completely revamping your operations. Logistics platforms such as Miami-based Quickload, for example, work with you to make your shipments more timely and efficient. Quickload relies on tech to minimize data entry errors and even proactively correct them. They take care of all that risky and time-consuming paperwork required when you manage carriers. Quickload’s success rate even allows them to guarantee their shipments. On top of that, it offers a reliable network of carriers, cutting-edge tracking tools with real-time updates, and instant digital PODs.

Learn more about how technology can minimize mistakes in your supply chain, making you more efficient and profitable.

By: Pablo Torres

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