Quickload Covers Coverings 2017

Few events bring the tile and stone industry together like Coverings, the largest tile and stone trade show in North America. Exhibitors from over 40 countries came together last weekend in Orlando, Florida to set up over 9 miles of exhibitions featuring some of the industry’s latest trends.

Tile and stone professionals from builders to distributors to retailers meet at Coverings to learn, network, connect and get to know the latest innovations. On this front, Quickload proved to be one of the event’s most attention-grabbing booths. As the only tech company among the exhibitors, the startup presented an exciting new alternative for tile and stone shippers and distributors.


QuickLoad booth at Coverings Show 2017


For an industry with such a high volume of shipments, Quickload’s promise of more efficiency and transparency is poised to position the startup as a trusted partner of the tile and stone industry for years to come.

Overall, the event was a resounding success. We learned a lot and made many new friends. We are beyond excited for what’s to come. We can’t wait for Coverings 2018!


Content Creator: @pablitotorres

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