Things to Know About Drayage Services in Miami, Florida

The consistent improvement of customer satisfaction is essential to any businesses in any regions, especially when it comes to logistics and more specifically to drayage services in Miami, Florida. Not only it leads to the growth of the business, but also ensures customer loyalty. In today’s rapidly moving world, fastened shipping is a must. Businesses, small or big, are always looking to improve the overall shipping process. This is where the process of Drayage Services comes in.

What is the meaning of Drayage?

The process of drayage refers to the shipment of containers over a relatively shorter distance, for example, from a port to a warehouse in the same city and so forth. Drayage can also be one part of an overall larger journey of the shipping process. While it may seem like a small part of the supply chain, it plays a vital role in the quick and safe pick up of your cargo while ensuring smooth delivery.

Link between Drayage and Intermodal Shipping

Drayage is also important for companies who do Intermodal shipping. Intermodal shipping offers multi-modal freight transport, such as truck and rail, to move your goods over longer distances. Low energy usage and reduced costs make intermodal rates significantly cheaper than trucking.

Drayage Hubs: Port of Miami and Port Everglades

In terms of drayage services, choosing a port to import your goods essentially depends on the price and transit time of your shipment. South Florida ports including Port of Miami and Port Everglades have close proximity to each other – which provides South Florida shippers flexibility for their imported goods in the state.

Port of Miami attracts swifter and bigger vessels, making the average transit time less than Port Everglades. The port also is equipped with new technology which allows goods to flow relatively faster through checkpoints. If your shipment is on priority and needs to be shipped faster, go for Port of Miami. Port Everglades boasts a lesser backlog of containers waiting to get picked up, processing and inspection takes slightly longer. An appropriately planned supply chain that allows for additional transit time can be of advantage to the shipper due to their low shipping costs.

Hopefully, this post has given you a better understanding of drayage and why it is important to your business. While there are more delivery options for your business, those that want to offer same day delivery to customers should opt for drayage service.

Nevertheless, without proper equipment and organization, efficient drayage movement is nearly impossible. Fortunately, the smart trucking platform QuickLoad can accomplish the process of drayage efficiently and smoothly by bringing experienced truckers with shippers and by managing all the shipping process from the beginning to the end.

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