How to make LTL/FTL freight shipping easy?

ltl ftl freight shipping

LTL/FTL freight shipping can cause you to have headaches and inconveniences if not done right. Let us offer you some good tips to help make your LTL/FTL freight shipping experience hassle-free!

In any business, cutting costs while maintaining a high-level of service is the top priority. Nevertheless, the process of freight shipping can be extremely overwhelming and stressful. According to the merchandise, budget, and capacity of your shipments, you can opt for whichever freight shipping method suits you and your business best. Besides, finding the most convenient option among freight shipping companies to work with and getting the cheapest freight shipping rate are the other important considerations. First, let’s find out more about the methods of freight transportation in order to understand which one is applicable to your business.

LTL Freight Shipping

Less than Truckload Shipping (LTL) is a freight transportation method through which shipments from multiple customers are combined by LTL freight shipping companies. It is cost-effective because the costs are shared between other companies that use the same truck for their goods. This advantage makes LTL freight shipping ideal for small companies.

FTL Freight Shipping

On the contrary, Full Truckload Shipping (FTL) means that the truck is solely dedicated to your products. While it costs more than LTL freight shipping, it guarantees faster and on-time delivery by FTL freight carriers. If your shipments are on priority in nature, FTL freight shipping is the way to go.

Unfortunately, there are many factors that can jeopardize your delivery process and make it financially straining. Follow these tips to ensure an efficient shipping experience:

1- Find the right business partner to handle your LTL/FTL freight shipments

While brokers usually negotiate for lower LTL/FTL freight quotes and their market knowledge can be useful for your business, the process takes quite some time and lots of calls and emails until the deal is finally sealed. Finding the right business partner to handle your LTL/FTL shipments not only gets you the best freight quotes but also eliminates any possible hardships throughout the shipment process.

2- Get updates on freight shipping tracking

By being updated regularly on your shipment process, freight shipping tracking can be easier, and you can stay prepared for any kind of changes to your delivery. It also helps to keep a date-wise record of your shipments to avoid additional charges and save as much cash as you can.

3- Get freight insurance

Shipments can often be fragile and costly. Damage or loss can cost you some serious money if you don’t have insurance. In order to stay as budget friendly as possible, remember to get insured.

4- Do your packaging right

Speaking of fragile and valuable shipments, poorly packaging your shipment to save an extra space can actually end up costing you more than what you would have paid for good packaging. Your shipments will be handled by forklifts on multiple occasions so the better the packaging, the better the shipping experience. Consolidating your shipments can also prove to be a cost-effective method to reduce overall costs.

QuickLoad has developed an efficient process to ensure smooth and tension free deliveries with a smart network of truckers. They can not only set up your load within minutes but also promise highly competitive rates without any hidden fees.

Happy shipping!

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