QuickLoad: Success Stories

Our partners visited us to chat about how QuickLoad brings efficiency to the trucking industry. Find out how they increase their businesses thanks to @quickloadapp.



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Testimonial Transcript


Greta Mena, Owner / Sea Blue Freight Inc:

I started in this business in 1999 with my dad, with a trucking company, so I’ve been in the industry for several years  

Ece Saglam, Operation & Pricing Specialist / LAM World:

Must they do imports from Mediterranean companies and India, and also exports from the United States to any other company. (Referring to LAM)

Sebastian Laschera, Owner / M & S Cargo Express:

We are since 2003 here in Miami, we take containers out of Miami’s Port, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Riviera Beach. We started with a little bit, with just 42 trucks, 130 trailers.

We move containers inside Florida; we are the ones who pick up the containers, we take them to the customer. The container is unloaded and we return it to the Port.


Our delivery addresses or pickup addresses are changing every day, so instead of calling checkers or vendors for better rates or to negotiate their rates, we just forwarding to QuickLoad and QuickLoad is doing all the job


QuickLoad always find a driver to move our containers, they always find a trucking company that’s there to help. Even if we called QuickLoad the same day, they’re able to help us!


If you don’t want to exchange a lot of emails, QuickLoad is the best option


Since we started using QuickLoad our business increased 70% percent. We’re given to them approx. 6 or 7 containers every day, and before maybe we used to move 4. 


Other clients pay you for 30, 60 days, so you need a margin of money to pay up the week. By paying after 48 hours, you’re practically not paying it out of your pocket, let’s say.

So, this (QuickLoad) helps you grow faster. 


They’re very professional and that helps you a lot. You always call them and they’re always available to assist you by text, email, phone calls.

They always there for you! I’ve been able to serve more customers because I’m using QuickLoad.


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