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QuickLoad announces Quick Quotes & New Container Services for Shippers

Quickload, an online logistics platform designed to connect shippers with trucking companies, will make its debut appearance at The Great American Trucking Show later this month. Quickload will be located in booth #30019 and encourages all attendees to stop by to learn about the company and its in-house technology.

“We are thrilled to meet and collaborate industry leaders at this year’s Great American Trucking Show. We are excited to share the company’s developments and technology to make shipping faster and affordable,” said Ozan Baran, CEO, and founder of the Florida based start-up.

The company has recently announced the launch of new container and quick quotes services, giving shippers the freedom to work within any budget. The fast-growing software company’s focus is to simplify the way shippers and trucking companies connect. In addition, it is the first logistics startup in Florida offering full-trucking services, giving more drivers the opportunity to maximize their truck’s capacity and making shipping more efficient.

“Shippers will now be able to get quotes instantly, post shipments, and with our suggestions, improve the ability to get matched quickly. This means shippers can now enjoy fast and affordable freight shipping from trusted industry professionals,” Baran continued.

In addition to flatbeds, dry van and reefer, this new container feature makes Quickload a full-freight service offering a complete solution and one-stop shop for shipping companies. The service will utilize the company’s QuickQuote services, giving shippers more flexibility when selecting the number, size, and type of containers needed to complete a delivery. It will enable shippers to locate carriers with the necessary permits and equipment to pick up or drop off containers at Port of Miami and Port Everglades.

“Quickload’s goal is to be the platform of choice for shippers as well as the on-demand freight service used by 100% of U.S trucking companies. Our aim is to empower truck drivers and trucking companies to be able to expand their business,” said Hiram Vazquez, the company’s COO.

First launched in December 2016, Quickload has now signed up more than 1,000 trucks. It has already completed more than 500 shipments in Florida and recently started some out-of-state shipments.

About Quickload

Quickload, a logistic platform that allows customers and companies to connect when needing to transport loads, was founded by Ozan Baran, CEO, in 2015 and officially launched in December 2016. The company gives carriers guaranteed volumes of loads, while also providing shippers with already negotiated prices and a trusted network of carriers that are properly vetted. Quickload provides quick quotes with no wait time, and connects reliable carriers to hundreds of shippers in need of transportation services. It is also the first company to allow shippers to set their own price, and for carriers to decide whether or not to accept. For more information, please visit www.quickload.com

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