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A lot of factors go into quoting the cost of a shipment. Is it a full load or a partial load? Is your shipment palletized or in boxes? What type of truck do you need? How much does it weigh? How far does it need to go? Does it need any accessorials to be fulfilled? We could go on and on.

Not surprisingly, freight quotes are often complicated, inefficient, and prone to errors or hidden costs. And when the time is of the essence, the last thing you want is unnecessary delays during the quote process.

Luckily, new advancements in logistics technology make quotes fairer and, most importantly, quicker. Logistics startup Quickload, for instance, recently launched QuickQuote, a new feature that allows shippers to get a suggested quote instantly in order to set a price that will attract available carriers as quickly as possible.

The feature automatically takes into consideration all the variables that typically affect a shipping quote and considers real-time market rates and availability to instantly determine a suggested price to quote. This prevents shippers from setting a price that’s too low and wasting time by not attracting any carriers. Conversely, it also saves them money by preventing them from setting a price that’s higher than the usual rate for their particular shipment.

We know quoting shipments is nobody’s favorite thing to do. Let technology help you out!

Learn more about QuickQuote.

By: Pablo Torres

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