5 habits to be a successful truck driver

Five Habits that every Truck Driver must Adopt to be a successful trucker The world of trucking is not as obvious as it seems. There are times when a trucker might feel frustrated because that’s what the job demands. It demands that a trucker should be able to take in frustration and find a way out of tough situations. A lot of responsibility is on … Continue reading 5 habits to be a successful truck driver

Bond, Carrier Bond

All goods valued over $2,500 imported to the United States for commercial purposes, or other commodities subject to federal regulations, require the posting of a Customs bond to make sure that all duties, taxes, and fees owed to the federal government will be paid according to the law. Bonded merchandise can be moved or stored after it has entered the United States before the duties … Continue reading Bond, Carrier Bond

Empty Miles, Empty Wallet

There are two words no logistics professional likes to hear: empty miles. If a truck completes a delivery and returns back home 500 miles away with an empty container, it drove 500 empty miles. The term refers to the distance traveled while generating no income. Empty miles are a waste of fuel, time, and money. They make supply chains sluggish and inefficient. Although they affect carriers more … Continue reading Empty Miles, Empty Wallet

Planning ahead: the secret of saving on accessorials

Accessorials can cost you. That’s no secret. As its name suggests, accessorials are charges or fees brought by additional or unexpected services provided by your carrier. Here are just a couple of things that can trigger accessorial fees: Use of liftgates Some carriers charge extra for using their truck’s liftgate to raise or lower cargo. Oversized items If your item is longer than a specified … Continue reading Planning ahead: the secret of saving on accessorials