What is Bill of Lading (BoL)?

Bill of Lading, which is often called “BoL”, is a legal and binding document between the carrier and the shipper. The word “lading” is derived from “loading”, which refers to the loading of goods on a ship. A bill of lading contains different parts with specific information to be filled. This bill is normally formed of different sections such as: Names and addresses Purchase orders … Continue reading What is Bill of Lading (BoL)?

Shipper-Carrier Alignment – What is the secret?

Is shipper-carrier alignment possible to achieve? Good shipper – carrier alignment is seen as one of the most crucial factors in the successful completion of every shipment. This is actually not a secret and this fact is known widely, both by shippers as well as trucking companies in Miami, Florida. For shippers, the weights of the present transportation condition are mounting and not getting any … Continue reading Shipper-Carrier Alignment – What is the secret?

Digital Transition of Logistics

Transition from logistics to digital logistics

Logistics was a vital part of the human world even before written history. First, let’s look at the term “logistics”. It is originated from the Ancient Greek “λόγος” (“logos”—”ratio, word, calculation, reason, speech, oration”). In ancient Greek, during Roman and Byzantine empires, there were military officers with the title ‘Logistikas’ who were responsible for financial and supply distribution matters. Also, the Oxford English dictionary defines … Continue reading Transition from logistics to digital logistics

Logistics Word of the Day: Backhaul

The logistics industry almost has its own language. A typical conversation between two logistics pros is filled with jargon that is very hard for industry outsiders to understand. This article series will explore some of these words as a fun way of getting to know the ins and outs of logistics. Today’s word is backhaul. Imagine this scenario. You’re hauling a shipment from Miami to Atlanta. … Continue reading Logistics Word of the Day: Backhaul

The Mile that Really Counts

A supply chain is rarely a direct shipment from point A to point B. Modern delivery logistics often involve multiple legs and stops in hubs and warehouses, all important in making a supply chain run smoothly and efficiently. But the era of e-commerce has made one particular part of the supply chain more critical than others: the last mile delivery. In logistics, last mile delivery … Continue reading The Mile that Really Counts

Bond, Carrier Bond

All goods valued over $2,500 imported to the United States for commercial purposes, or other commodities subject to federal regulations, require the posting of a Customs bond to make sure that all duties, taxes, and fees owed to the federal government will be paid according to the law. Bonded merchandise can be moved or stored after it has entered the United States before the duties … Continue reading Bond, Carrier Bond

How small errors can cost you lots of money and how to avoid them

Making errors is unfortunately too often the name of the game in shipping logistics. There are so many moving parts in a shipping supply chain, that even the slightest mistake can snowball into costly delays and blunders. Luckily, technology has changed logistics for the better in this regard. New tools, applications, and services help minimize errors and mistakes that will ultimately make your shipping logistics … Continue reading How small errors can cost you lots of money and how to avoid them