5 habits to be a successful truck driver

Five Habits that every Truck Driver must Adopt to be a successful trucker The world of trucking is not as obvious as it seems. There are times when a trucker might feel frustrated because that’s what the job demands. It demands that a trucker should be able to take in frustration and find a way out of tough situations. A lot of responsibility is on … Continue reading 5 habits to be a successful truck driver

Amid tight US capacity, Quickload allows shipper to name price

Journal of Commerce (@JOC_updates) is one of the top Industry media outlets of US. A new article about Quickload by Chris Barnett is live now. Take a Quick Look:  “Faced with shrinking motor carrier capacity for its 450 international importer and exporter customers, one of Miami’s largest third-party logistics companies has launched its own app-based digital drayage brokerage, but with an innovative twist: the shipper, … Continue reading Amid tight US capacity, Quickload allows shipper to name price

QuickLoad: Success Stories

Our partners visited us to chat about how QuickLoad brings efficiency to the trucking industry. Find out how they increase their businesses thanks to @quickloadapp.       Testimonial Transcript   Greta Mena, Owner / Sea Blue Freight Inc: I started in this business in 1999 with my dad, with a trucking company, so I’ve been in the industry for several years   Ece Saglam, … Continue reading QuickLoad: Success Stories

How to Save on Enormous Trucking Expenses

Are you an individual or company looking for ways to cut down on large expenses? Here we will break down some tips to help save money and reduce trucking expenses. See how these can help you or your company save money in the long run: Tip One: Invest in Technology Trying to save on trucking costs is no easy feat, and there is a way … Continue reading How to Save on Enormous Trucking Expenses

Logistics Word of the Day: Backhaul

The logistics industry almost has its own language. A typical conversation between two logistics pros is filled with jargon that is very hard for industry outsiders to understand. This article series will explore some of these words as a fun way of getting to know the ins and outs of logistics. Today’s word is backhaul. Imagine this scenario. You’re hauling a shipment from Miami to Atlanta. … Continue reading Logistics Word of the Day: Backhaul

Is technology a threat or opportunity to truck drivers?

Technology in recent times has taken many previously non-automated jobs in the industrial world, now according to reports, there are plans to launch the first automated truck. That is to say, we will start having self-driven trucks real soon. Computer scientists and economists say the threat isn’t merely theoretical: Automated cars pose an existential threat to the many Americans who drive for a living: 2.9 … Continue reading Is technology a threat or opportunity to truck drivers?

Introducing: Container Services

Quickload is in a constant state of innovation. We work hand in hand with shippers, trucking companies, and many other logistics professionals to keep our platform up to date with the industry and its needs. This is precisely how Container Services was born. This week we’re very excited to finally launch Container Services, a new feature within our app that gives shippers more flexibility when it comes to … Continue reading Introducing: Container Services

Know your trailer

Not all trailers are created equal. There’s an ideal type of trailer for each shipment, and knowing which trailer works best in advance can save you headaches and delays in the long run. Let’s take a look at advantages and disadvantages the three main types of truck trailers. Dry Van This is probably the most common kind of trailer out there. Dry vans are versatile and can … Continue reading Know your trailer

Keep it Cool This Summer

Summer brings higher temperatures everywhere, especially inside a truck trailer. Did you know that the inside of a truck trailer that is not temperature-controlled can be over 30 ˚F higher than the temperature outside? So, for example, if it’s 90 ˚F here in Miami, the temperature inside a container can climb up to a scorching 120 ˚F. It’s no wonder then that summer brings an … Continue reading Keep it Cool This Summer