Keep it Cool This Summer

Summer brings higher temperatures everywhere, especially inside a truck trailer. Did you know that the inside of a truck trailer that is not temperature-controlled can be over 30 ˚F higher than the temperature outside? So, for example, if it’s 90 ˚F here in Miami, the temperature inside a container can climb up to a scorching 120 ˚F. It’s no wonder then that summer brings an … Continue reading Keep it Cool This Summer

Empty Miles, Empty Wallet

There are two words no logistics professional likes to hear: empty miles. If a truck completes a delivery and returns back home 500 miles away with an empty container, it drove 500 empty miles. The term refers to the distance traveled while generating no income. Empty miles are a waste of fuel, time, and money. They make supply chains sluggish and inefficient. Although they affect carriers more … Continue reading Empty Miles, Empty Wallet

You’re only as good as your carriers

Your supply chain will always be as good as your carriers. If your carriers are solid and reliable, odds are your shipments will be delivered quickly and efficiently. If they’re not, then you might run into some trouble. How do you make sure to find a reliable carrier? Well, like finding good employees or good service providers, there’s no hard and fast rule. Finding great … Continue reading You’re only as good as your carriers