Amid tight US capacity, Quickload allows shipper to name price

Journal of Commerce (@JOC_updates) is one of the top Industry media outlets of US. A new article about Quickload by Chris Barnett is live now.

Take a Quick Look: 

“Faced with shrinking motor carrier capacity for its 450 international importer and exporter customers, one of Miami’s largest third-party logistics companies has launched its own app-based digital drayage brokerage, but with an innovative twist: the shipper, not a computerized algorithm, can ultimately name the price to haul the load.

QuickLoad, which electronically matches full and partial truckload dray shipments with independent truckers, opened its doors to all South Florida shippers in 2015. A year ago it was booking 100 loads a week; today, it’s moving 750 loads a week and looking beyond its borders.

QuickLoad charges truckers 10 to 15 percent of the load whereas brokers can take up to 40 percent of the haul, said founder Ozan Baran. He said drivers are willing to take the QuickLoad shipment without haggling because the haircut is not so severe, and if they do feel it’s too low, they will negotiate.”

You may need to register on to access it, but it’s very easy!

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 12.03.23 PM.png


Read the full article here:




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