We’re presenting at NewCo Miami 2018!

We’re very proud to announce that QuickLoad will host a session at NewCo Miami on March 26. Our session will be titled “Transforming Trucking Through Technology” and we plan on making it fun and interactive.

We’ll kick off briefly talking about the trucking and logistics industry and its importance place within the global economy and particularly in the busy transportation hubs that are Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Then we’ll demo the QuickLoad platform and go through the logistical complexity behind it.

After a quick Q+A session, attendees will be given a tour to a Warehouse next to QuickLoad, where they will see how the platform works up close and personal. And, last but not least, we’ll have a huge Peterbilt 379, QuickLoad’s very own 18-wheeler, so that attendees can climb to the cab and feel what it’s like being behind the wheel one of the world’s most cutting-edge trucks.

NewCo is an organization dedicated to bringing together audiences at the intersection between business, politics, and culture. They host festivals in cities around the world so that attendees can get a first-hand experience of how some of the world’s most exciting companies operate.

If you’ll be at NewCo Miami on March 25–26, be sure to check out our session on Monday, March 26 at 9:30PM. Get there early because spaces are limited!

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