Logistics Word of the Day: Pup

We all love puppies. Very few animals are more adorable. In trucking, there’s a different kind of pup. They’re also small in size (relatively) and some even might find them adorable too. Pups refer to containers that are just 26–29 feet long, instead of the standard 53 feet. Even though they’re half the size of a standard container, they can be hauled by any tractor trailer.

In logistics, pups are a great asset in terms of efficiency and flexibility. They are used frequently to deliver in urban areas with congested traffic and narrow roads, or anywhere where hauling a full-size container is difficult. They also give more efficiency to shippers with smaller shipments that don’t require a full container. They are also helpful for oversize loads, as they can be attached to another container for more cargo space.

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Content Creator: @pablitotorres

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